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FAQs about our wedding invitations and stationery

Frequently asked questions about our wedding invitations

Please see below for a series of frequently asked questions about our wedding invitation design services.

Little Paper Mill is based in Ireland - do you deliver invitations to other countries?

Absolutely! We deliver our wedding stationery products worldwide. 

How do I order a sample?

  • Simply locate a product that you are interested in from our make-your-own, handmade or printed range of wedding stationery.
  • Customise your invitation or stationery using the options available.
  • Enter a quantity of 1 into the quantity book x and click 'Add to cart'.
  • Check out whenever you are ready. You will be charged for one invitation plus postage and packaging.

When will my invitations / samples arrive?

  • Delivery time for samples is under 1 week if ordering from Ireland / UK, and under 10 days if ordering from elsewhere.
  • Delivery time for make-your-own invitations is 1-2 weeks (Ireland) from the time you have ordered. Allow 1 week extra if ordering from abroad.
  • Production time for handmade invitations is 3-4 weeks (Ireland) from the time you have approved the final proof of your invitation. Allow 1 week extra if ordering from abroad.
  • Production time for printed invitations is 3-4 weeks (Ireland) from the time you have approved the final proof of your invitation. Allow 1 week extra if ordering from abroad.

What is the process for proofing and approving my invitations?

  • When you order a printed product with us, or ask us to print invitation text, you will receive an email containing a final proof of your product before all your invitations get printed. You will need to review this carefully, noting that what you see on the final proof is exactly how it will appear when printed. It's a good idea to ask somebody you trust to double-check your proof before signing off on the order.
  • Once a final proof has been approved and sent to the printer, we cannot be held responsible for any misinformation or spelling errors.

What words should I use on my invitations?

That's up to you, although we do provide wording suggestions for various wedding types.

What do I get when I order make-your-own invitations?

You'll get an assembly kit which includes:

  • Invitation paper or card cut to size
  • If applicable, any ribbons or tape
  • Inserts containing printed text (if you have requested this)
  • Assembly instructions

Please see our 'making your own invitations' page for full details.

What do I need to put make-your-own invitations together?

  • All invitations require a glue stick during assembly.
  • All booklet invitations requires a glue stick and a hole puncher.
  • Most invitations will also require cutting with a good quality, sharp scissors.

You can buy glue sticks and hole punchers in our Extras section.

What typefaces can be featured on my invitations?

If you are buying a 'make-your-own' invitation kit and printing your own invitation text, you can use any typeface you like. If we're printing the text, we currently use 8 fonts - see our typefaces page for details.

I like your invitations, but I have something a little different in mind. Do you provide a bespoke design service?

Yes! We can provide you with custom-designed invitations and wedding stationery - and indeed other stationery products too. Just see our bespoke design page for details.