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Making your own wedding invitations - some common questions

Why bother making my own wedding invitations?

By making your own wedding invitations you can provide your guests with beautiful handmade invitations - at a significantly cheaper price than you would pay if commissioning somebody to do it. You'll also get the satisfaction of having made your wedding invitations yourself!

What do I get when I order make-your-own invitations?

You'll get an assembly kit which includes:

  • Invitation paper or card cut to size
  • If applicable, any ribbons or tape
  • Inserts containing printed text (if you have requested this)
  • Assembly instructions

What do I need to put my invite together?

  • All invitations require a glue stick during assembly.
  • All booklet invitations requires a glue stick and a hole puncher.
  • Most invitations will also require cutting with a good quality, sharp scissors.

You can buy glue sticks and hole punchers in our Extras section.

How do I add text to my invitations?

You can either ask us to print the text (which you can supply during the ordering process) or do it yourself. For more information about adding text to your invitations, you may find our pages about typefaces and printing invitation text yourself useful.

How can I order a sample?

Ordering samples of our make-your-own invitations is very easy.

  • Simply locate a product that you are interested in from our range of make-your-own wedding invitations.
  • Customise your invitation or stationery using the options available.
  • Enter a quantity of 1 into the quantity box and click 'Add to cart'.
  • Check out whenever you are ready. You will be charged for one invitation plus postage and packaging (the price will vary according to invitation type and customisation options chosen).

How long will my invitations take to arrive?

  • Delivery time for samples is approximately 1 week (Ireland or abroad). 
  • Delivery time for make-your-own invitation kits is 1-2 weeks (Ireland) from the time you have ordered. Allow 1 week extra if ordering from abroad.

What if I like a 'make-your-own' design, but would prefer you to assemble the invitations?

No problem! All our make-your-own products are also available to purchase fully assembled - just go to our 'handmade wedding invitations' collection, where you can locate and order the relevant product for us to assemble for you.